Building Codes for Elevation Balcony Grill

Design A House – The International Residential Code (IRC) defines a balcony is a part of home supported by just one side of the home and attached to the elevated floor. It is different with patios or porches that are supported by all sides of the home and have foundations or beams that planted to the ground. Some areas also have additional regulations that should be followed by homeowners when they construct a balcony, including about the elevation balcony grill. So you need to check the local laws about designing and building the balcony and the railing grill.


Required Guardrails

The International Residential Code regulates that the guardrails should surround the balcony floor with 30 inches or more of height. Even the design of the balcony is like porch or deck with additional supports, the guardrails are still needed to build if the balcony’s height is 30 inch or higher. The guardrails also should be applied even though you have level seating area or bench along the balcony’s edge. In this way, the balcony will be safe for everyone, including small children.

The Dimension of Guardrails

The guardrails or balcony grills should be installed as high as 36 inches from the floor above. If you love the transparent or translucent solid materials to install the guardrails like the modern plastic walls or Plexiglas, it is not a problem. On the other hand, you should make the space intervals maximally 4 inches wide if you prefer to choose balusters or railings. If there is a gap area between the railings and floor, it also should be not more than 4 inches wide.

The Requirements of Handrails

The balcony’s railings line like the Indian house front elevation balcony grill, are commonly called with term guardrails. It is not same with the handrails; the essential structures that should be built along the stairs. If you also have stairs with some risers to the balcony, you should make the guardrails with the same measurement and dimension with the handrails. According to IRC, if you have circular cross-section on the handrails, the diameter should be at least 1 ¼ inches and it should be not more than a couple inches. Meanwhile, if the handrails are square, they should be not more than 1 ½ inches on every side.



The Inspections of Guardrails

When you plan to build a balcony, you should know that the building should firstly get some preliminary inspection from many communities before you start the balcony constructing. Besides, the inspections will also be done after the work has been completed. Moreover, the International Code Council also recommends to inspect the balcony’s railings regularly; either a building or home’s balconies. It is very important, especially for those who have wood railings, because the materials are more susceptible to rot and weathering. With the regular inspections, you can make sure that the balcony railings will be always safe. That is why you also should choose the right materials for the elevation balcony grill to ensure the durability and safety for everyone.


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