Interior Design Elements that should be Available in Indian House Style

Indian house style for the interior could become a striking, interesting and also complex styles of decoration to apply. India is a country that has various cultures, art and history. That is why the interior design of the homes are also available in many options. However, you can follow some elements below to design a home in Indian style.
Energetic Colors
The interior design of Indian homes always have various colors in bright look. However, make sure the colors are not too much to prevent visual chaos. It is better to choose earth colors such as rich browns, ochre yellows and also burnt oranges for the walls and floors of the home. If you want to add more vibrant colors like blue and green, apply them on smaller items like chairs or pillowcases. It will also be safe if you apply neutral shade for the base color and give accents with the primary colors.

Solid Wood Furniture Pieces
Furniture pieces made from solid wood are also typical element in Indian home interior. In order to get the authentic look, you can choose some typical Indian furniture pieces with carvings, curved legs and armrests, metal or ivory inlay works, etc. Add a typical centerpiece too so you can make the furniture to be more understate as well.
Decorative Cabinets in Traditional Design

The cabinets in traditional designs will also add more aesthetic look and functionality. The cabinets commonly becomes storage unit in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom; with bright finishing and overstated with stones, mirrors, ivory or metal inlay. The application of the cabinets will bring accents to the solid wood cabinets so it looks more special inside the space.
Informal Space for the People
Informal spaces inside an Indian home always become the most important typical part of the home. That space will bring more relaxed atmosphere for the homeowner to interact. Inside the room, kinds of seats in different levels are commonly applied such as sofas, chairs, footstools and the traditional diwans. The room is also designed to be warm and comfortable with the application of floor cushions and rugs. The space also looks playful with traditional swing named jhoola installed inside the room.

Ornaments and Knick Knacks
India has kinds of handicrafts with exciting decorative designs that can be chosen as home decorations. The handicrafts are including the clay pottery, masks, leather puppets named diyas, decorative boxes, and many more. Some of the items are not only decorative but also functional for the homeowners.
Handspun Fabrics
The famous beautiful fabrics of India also can become interesting part of home decorations. The fabrics can be applied as flowing drapes on windows, bed or divan canopy, etc. so that the atmosphere is increasingly homey and brings fluid feels. Some homeowners also use the fabrics to cover the furniture pieces upholstery. The silk fabrics are commonly applied on the centerpiece cushions, cotton fabrics for the side chairs, and jute for the footstools.
All of the typical designs of Indian homes can be applied in any parts of the home, including in the front elevation of Indian house 30×50 site.

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