Stay Minimalist In Two Storey House Design With Rooftop

One best option to have a living with two storey house design with rooftop when you have a small space to your house space. Choosing the concept of modern minimalist two storey house will really work. Two storey house will really help your family.

                                                                two storey house design with rooftop

Limited space won’t bother you if you want to have this two storey house deign! The needs of a private room, extra guest rooms are also can, be applied with this house living solution. But really, what you need to take some extra considerations are:

  1. House Foundation

It will be really different, designing a single storey house with two storey house plan. Having a limited land make us be more creative often.

Generally, in two storey house plan, you will put the accessible rooms on the first floor. The accessible rooms are; living room, bedroom, kitchen and a small bathroom.  You can also add the small balcony in front of your house to add more comfy side.

In the second floor, you can add more of your private room such as office bedroom and also some extra bedrooms for your guests.

  1. House plan with rooftop

One of the other two storey house designs is two storey house design with roof deck or rooftop.

It will be really nice because you have more space up to your roof. You can make a rooftop garden, adding some plants to your roof deck.

                                                                    two storey house design with roof deck

Some people also use the rooftop as an extra space to get the laundry room. The rooftop design that you can apply to your hose design is by the colour contrast to your house wall. It will be a really great idea since you will get more attention to your rooftop.

                                                                   two storey house design with rooftop

The more function of two storey house design with rooftop is for your lifestyle. You can bring your party such as barbeque to your rooftop.

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