The Aspect Of 2 Storey House Plans Philippines With Blueprint

There a lot of aspects that is the need to concern in planning and designing a simple house. In the Philippines, you can choose and compare which house designer and planner that suitable with you. simple house design in the Philippines started by the choosing of location, the location must be reached some aspect of a good location such as the economical aspect, achievable aspect and also technical aspect of a good location to build a house. The other one is choosing the right architect to do their job as the architectural designs maker or planner.

                                                                simple house design in the Philippines

The right architect will bring the right design and style for your simple house design in the Philippines. The architect knows how to plan house designs in a right way. Of course, by thinking the architectural aspects of building such as the design, style, ideas, layout and etc., the architect will be good at their architectural designs styles.

                                                                     simple house design in the Philippines

Here are 2 storey house plans Philippines with blueprint:

This is the blue print of 26’’ x 52’’ m2 sample. At the first-floor plan, you would add your all living spaces. Some living spaces you could add in your first floor of 2 storey house are living room in 12,6” x 18,0”. This is enough for a simple house living room space.

                                                             simple house design in the Philippines

You could join your kitchen and your dining room to add the wider room space. All of your bedrooms can be placed in your second floor to add more space to the first floor. Otherwise, on the first floor, you can add an enough garage space and also foyer and portico.

This blueprint is really the best layout to have your simple house design in the Philippines. You can first consult your layout to some house designers firm to get the budget plan you will spend on this simple house also.

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