Tips to Build Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

Low budget modern 3 bedroom house design is one of the most wanted home designs today during the strict economic times. If you are interested to make a home with such design type, make sure that you still pay attention to the beauty, safety and comfort of the home. Follow some tips below to get such perfect home design building.
Choose an Affordable Building Lot
As the price of properties that is always increasing, it doesn’t mean that affordable building lot isn’t available. Find some information about new building lots in your area and find to know if you can get the affordable one. However, the affordable price should also be economical. Make sure the price has been including the costs of excavation, bushes clearing away, and also drainage extend. If the price has been fixed, it certainly included the water, electricity, and gas access costs.
Get Simple Floor Plan for the House

Simple floor plan is more popularly chosen today. Most people prefer simple and minimalist design as they love to be dynamic people. Besides, complex floor plans will also make higher the construction costs. That is why simple floor plans are the better choice; with square or rectangular floor plan shapes. It will also make simple the rooflines; something that will be low in cost too.
Build the House Small and Tall
A smaller home will take lower costs of the building per square foot. Besides, the small house will also take lower building costs and the house will be easier and economical to maintain. Furthermore, it is also a great idea to build a taller house. It means the house is two or three storey. It will provide the same living spaces and you can design the modern 3 bedroom house as well. But the building costs will be lower as you need less materials for the foundation and roofing. Additionally, the ventilation and plumbing costs will be lower too.
Lower Cost Furnishing
It will also be wiser if you can choose home furnishings in lower costs but still have good quality, durability and functionality. For instance, the kitchen cabinets, it is better to choose stainless steel cabinetry with glass doors rather than the expensive solid wood cabinets.
Recycled Materials for the Building

Recycled materials for the building will also cut much of the building budget. However, recycled material doesn’t mean bad quality. Even you can find many kinds of recycled materials that have great durability like the cement composites, recycled steel, sawdust, etc. You also can look for second hand materials from other building that are still in great condition.
Choose High Quality Accessories
When you need to choose accessories for your newly built home, you can choose the cheaper one. The accessories like faucets, doorknobs, and light fixtures are the easily changed items in home. You can upgrade the quality when the economic condition is going better. However, make sure you choose high quality materials for the buildings. So you can make sure the great durability, because the materials are not easy to change.

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