Type Of Housing That Exist Currently

The development of the era had been followed by the development of other aspects. Such as the economic, the fashion trend, the technology and so on. It also happens to the development of architecture. The world of architecture had made a big progress. Let say the building style and the type of housing. Some people may be confused what is actually the type of housing? The type of housing is how you want your house will be looks like. Simplify like it is called the style of the house.

There are lots types of housing that develop times to times. Some of it also still exists till now. In the other side, some are disappearing along with the times. Every single type of housing has their own characteristics. Now we are going to talk about the type of housing that used nowadays. Maybe it is not included all, but just the most type of housing that often used.



  • Contemporary

The idea contemporary type of housing is developing in 1920 as the innovations after the world war. Such as the refreshing button after the big war that makes everything is going down. The contemporary type of housing supposed to stick with the characters of the simple, functional and practical. So design should be simple and all the things that placed there have functions. The contemporary type of housing is develop time to time adjust with the era development. That is why the contemporary style is never end. Mostly the materials are using the natural materials and the color is still using the neutral colors. Cause it is develop, the contemporary colors is not absolute and can change through the times.



  • Classical

The classical type of housing is the style that prioritizes the look. The size, the design, the filled is will kick out the fiction. The classical type of housing represents the classic impression such as in long time ago. But the classical style have the characters of luxury and elegant. Most of the classical design has symmetric shape with the high pillars. The roof shape has pediment triangle and the dome ship, in general. The classical design utilizes the natural materials that have been processed. In the interior, you will see how the rooms are separated one another. But with the high wall, it is not remove the elegant or luxury impression.




  • Minimalist

This mini size type of housing is also being a trend nowadays. The minimalist design is arises to give the answer for those who only have small space and want a house. The minimalist house is being loved by the people. There are many things that have to know before make a minimalist house. Such as use the white or soft bright colors which can give the bigger look. For the design inside the house, mostly the minimalist house is use to merge the rooms. In examples merge the living room with the family room or did not use the dining room but use the bar tender.




  • Modern

The modern type of housing is one of the house designs that mostly used nowadays. Some people might be confused about the contemporary and the modern style. The one that follow the era is contemporary, not the modern. The modern type of housing has a broader impression and has not too many ornaments. The modern style is cannot be separated with the elegant look. This style is only focusing on the functional stuffs. The modern type of housing dominated with the use of big or more glass window from the exterior looks. The characters of the modern type of housing are have asymmetric shape, smooth, flat room, simple decorations and efficient.




  • Victorian

Victorian type of housing is the design that coming from British. The name of Victorian is the same with the name of British queen at that time. The British design was the continued of the gothic style. The Victorian style is shows the sense of beauties. The sense of beauties shows the luxury design. Mostly the Victorian type of housing has more than two floors. The Victorian type of housing has the tower as character and shows the British identity. The Victorian style also used the natural materials such as iron, wood, steel or stone.



  • French

The French type of housing id one of the styles other than the British style. Some people called that the French design is the same with the gothic. Because most of the French design is have the gothic identity. The French type of housing has the sense of romantic in every single detail. The French type of housing have the high building with the columns. That was the things for the elegant and great looks. In the other side, the interior also mostly filled with the big furniture’s. Some French style also gives a sparkle as to make it luxury looks.




  • Country

The country type of housing is one of the styles that show how the rural area looks like. The country design shows the atmosphere of a country for the exterior and interior. Mostly the country style will bring the nature that is the way to create the atmosphere. Some of the characteristics for the country type of housing are great lighting and good air circulations. The country type of housing always gives the sense of a rural area such as the garden or park. The inside looks of the country type of housing is open space which is means that there will be no wall that separate the rooms. As it more concern on the atmosphere, the country type of housing use the natural materials even for the decorations. The use of the plant is the common thing for country type of housing, not just for the park but also inside the house. Besides to help the air circulations, the plants also aim to give the decorations.

Well, that is the type of housing that exists currently. You may choose one of them from the options above. But before you choose, make sure that you understand well about that type of housing. So it will adjust to you. Thank you.

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