Underground Floor Renovating Ideas Before and After

How to make home renovation interior design for an Underground garage?

A modern design of your underground space at home. By doing this home renovation You could make this room more useful. Can you imagine how will be fun to have a private work spot in your underground garage?

Do you have a creepy underground floor? A renovation sounds fun to try!

The underground garage ideas also come as the solution of a minimalist house in really modern design. In this modern era having an underground garage becomes a trend. It can be said unusual, but it still has enthusiasts.

Underground Garage budget

This home renovation interior design could spend much than you think. But it is satisfying.  A luxury garage design by using a neglected room. Underground floor is usually used for saving unused things. People usually don’t think that this dormant room could be more useful.

House renovation ideas before and after of Underground Garage Design

Who will be taken care of this room? The answer is not any one. Designing a garage should be thinking as well as designing the entire house rooms. Started by the decoration and the styling design, a garage should have a well-planned design. In this case using an unpolished ceramic as the based floor is the smart way to do. The material that is used also becomes the one point to remember.

NOTE THIS: use the right material in order to make a garage that is also easy to clean up.

Since the garage has functioned to saving the car and also a place to some garage activities such as repair car place, it needs to build with the right materials. Since this will be a great idea in order to make the garage is not just for saving the car from outside. A garage could be a home decoration styling since it is not only used for saving the car. How? Don’t you think it is smart to renovate your underground floor into a cool underground garage?!

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